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 BBQ Cooking classes for everyone!


Get the WOW! factor next time you BBQ at home!

A BBQ Cookbook for Everyone!

BBQ Whisperers is a cooking school designed to meet the needs of anyone who wants more confidence on the BBQ.

Most people know how to cook steak and snags on the BBQ, this cookbook is all about getting the most out of your BBQ.

This includes tips on cooking seafood to perfection, cooking meat to the way you want it, and how to use specialized accessories to get the best possible meal for you and your guests!

Now is a great time to get some professional tips on the classics and learn some new recipes to impress your guests when you next fire up the BBQ!


To contact us, please email: admin@thecookingschool.com.au    or call: (02) 8001 6501


BBQ Whisperers BBQ Cooking School

The BBQ Whisperer Cookbook is available as a e-doc download  for instant access or email delivery!

Recipes and chef’s tips from all of the BBQ class we have ever presented plus heaps of extra BBQ friendly recipes from our other cooking classes.

Over 100 pages with lots of colour pics, chef’s tips, shopping lists, temperature and weight conversion tables

Recipes include:

Grilled Salmon Skewers With Wasabi Butter

Threaded Chicken Skewer with Preserved Lemon

Thai Beef Salad

Tips For Buying The Best Possible Fresh Seafood

Grilled Lamb Cutlets with Grilled Baby Potatoes

Chef’s Tips with Meat 

Chilli And Lime Squid Hoods With Glass Noodles And Coriander

Oregano, Garlic and Chilli Flattened Chicken
(Portuguese Style) with Coleslaw Salad

Drunken Strawberries – Flambe with Vanilla Cream

plus lots more!

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