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Cooking classes for everyone!




Hi Ben,
Thanks for this. Looks like the recipes have changed slightly but should get me back on track again!
My wife still loves it when I cook the recipes I learnt at the course in Sydney (now about 6 years ago).

Roger, Brisbane



Hi Kevin,
A week on from attending Let's Cook last Sunday with my stepson, James, I wanted to thank you and Brendon again.  Your class was fun and informative because you both have so much passion and love of cooking and teaching.
I learned a lot on Sunday, and in particular the lesson on gnocchi was an eye opener for me and I look forward to making my own when winter returns next year.  In the meantime I plan to enjoy Vietnamese spring rolls tonight and look forward to making squid salad and
moules mariniere in the very near future.
All the best to you both and thank you for inviting me to join James -- your classes have certainly helped him to gain confidence in the kitchen!
Kind regards,
Dev, Sydney



“Just thought I'd pass a note on to say thanks. I thoroughly enjoyed the course - I learnt quite a bit, as well as having fun along the way. It was very well run.

- M.F, Sydney



“A big thank you to for running a fantastic class for our Business Development Conference.

Ben and his team were efficient, confident and knowledgeable and provided a great experience in helping our group  learn and come together as a team.

The detail involved in all areas of the evening were finely tuned and well put together – despite  being run  at a new venue for them. We really appreciated it!” 

- Sally Bell, Marsh Insurance Pty Ltd



"Hi, Just wanted to say that I attended a He Cooks introductory lesson about three years back - we made Atlantic Salmon on Avocado Salad with Warm Orange Vinaigrette.

I have made that recipe no less than 30 times since then, for no less than 30 different people. It has always been a huge success, and it remains the only thing I know how to make.

Unfortunately, I left Sydney for NYC before I had a chance to attend another class!

Thank you to He Cooks for the fabulous class, and giving me the confidence to whip up a great meal in short space of time, which looks even more impressive to onlookers as I of course don't need the recipe after all this time. "

- D.B, New York



“Dear Paul, I just want to thank you for an amazing class. 

I recreated the chicken curry at home from your recipe site for some friends on Sunday night and as
I had made up a massive batch of roasted and ground spices, I filled an old herb jar (I threw the ground herbs away since finding out it is mostly flour and it is better for me to grind them myself) and now she is cooking it for her shared household!  Once I master a few more dishes, I would love to cook for you!

Anyway, thanks once again for an amazing class.  I look forward to learning the rules of Sri Lankan cooking well enough to then start breaking them and creating something new, well new to me anyway LOL!”

- T.D, Sydney



“Ben, as per my note last week I want to say many thanks for the professional and entertaining   contribution you made to our conference.

The cooking class was the perfect way to highlight the importance of working as a team with a  nice element of humour and individuality.

We have received many compliments and messages of thanks from the whole team, who  obviously enjoyed it very much.

Once again many thanks for all of your efforts. It was very much appreciated.

I look forward to catching up again with you in the future.” 

- David Rowlinson, Marketing Manager Ontera Modular Carpets Pty Ltd



"You may recall that I said we were having a dinner party this week and that I was going to do some kind of  casserole. Well, after all my He Cooks fun, I didn't think that made much sense so I took my life in my hands and made the black mussel risotto as a main course - for six.

I'd never done anything more than for two before, but I had checked with Kai on the obvious maths. Although instead of doubling everything from entrée to mains, I just added 50 per cent. That turned out to be plenty. I also knocked up one of your great Caesar salads to go with it. My guests were not only our oldest friends and their eldest daughter and her partner - but serious foodies to boot.

The result was a triumph. I had them begging for the recipes. I was literally showered with congratulations.

All in all, a huge confidence booster which I intend to repeat with some other of my favorite He Cooks recipes. So, thanks to He Cooks and especially to our great mentor, Kai."

 - K. McG, Kirribilli



“I thought the event went well. The clients seemed to enjoy the function as did their partners.
 It is certainly a low key event - which is probably suitable for the current environment.
 The event was a mixture of an explanation on the ingredients for the dishes, demonstration of the cooking   style, everyone doing their own cooking as well as eating what we had  prepared.

The cooking and the dining gave us a good chance to talk to the clients in a relaxed atmosphere.
Overall, I thought it is was good and worth doing again.”

- Jay Hipolito
  Investment Banking Division
  Barclays Capital Australia