Text Box: Text Box: At last! A cookbook for everyone that wants to give their children more confidence  in the kitchen!
We are getting more calls and emails from people who want a practical introduction to cooking skills and knowledge for their kids. 
Parents are telling us that when it comes to a cookbook, they want:
Recipes that are fun but informative
Recipes that are casual yet professional
Recipes that are a mix of ‘quick and easy’ and ‘show off masterpieces’!
Many of us have not had the opportunity to learn cooking skills and recipes at home from their parents or grandparents while growing up, so this cookbook aims to fill that gap.
Mums and Dads as well!
It’s not just the kids that cook, so we welcome those people that think they can’t cook at all. 
Most people usually find our recipes not quite as daunting as they feared, and really relax and enjoy themselves, especially when they eat what they have created with their kids! 
What are the results?
Upon completion of the recipes in our cookbook you and the kids will be introduced to basic kitchen skills in food preparation, cooking and presentation that will stay for a lifetime.
The kids will be confident and competent in practical culinary skills that they will be encouraged to share with family and friends.
They will have a basic, practical knowledge of nutrition, gained healthier eating habits and improved kitchen hygiene awareness. 
In our recipes we assume no knowledge, but have found that the more a student knows about cooking, the more they learn.

Kids Cook Cookbook

 Cookbook designed for Kids!

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Text Box: A Great Cookbook for Kids (and Mums & Dads)!

Looking for a great gift?

The Kids Cook Cookbook is available as an e-doc download for instant access or email delivery!

Recipes and chef’s tips from all of the Kids Cook Course (Lessons 1—3), plus lots of extra kid friendly recipes from our other cooking classes.

Over 100 pages with lots of colour pics, chef's tips, shopping lists, glossary, temperature and weight conversion tables.

BONUS 4 extra salads to encourage healthy options

PLUS over 10 articles and bonus items

Recipes include:
Chicken Quesadillas
Raspberry and Chocolate Ripple with Mint
Vegetable Lasagna
Apple and Pear Galette with Vanilla Ice Cream
Penne Pasta with a Basil Pesto Sauce
Roasted Chicken Breast with Garlic Mashed Potato
Chocolate Soufflé Cake 
and lots more!