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Cooking Classes for Everyone!


We have classes for everyone that wants to enjoy cooking more!

We provide a practical introduction to cooking skills and knowledge, in an environment that is fun but informative. Our teachers are relaxed yet professional, and our classes are a mix of hands on and demonstration.

Many people have not had the opportunity to learn cooking skills and recipes at home from their parents or grandparents while they were growing up, so these classes aim to fill that gap.

We welcome those people that think they canít cook at all. These people usually find itís not quite as daunting as they feared, and really relax and enjoy themselves.

We mostly cater for people who can cook 3 or 4 things well, but want to expand their culinary knowledge and enhance their cooking and/or presentation skills.

How does it work?

We have a range of selfĖ contained Specialty Classes for those that are looking at getting some specific tips about a particular cuisine. Click here for more details about these classes in Sydney.

All classes are three courses, and includes refreshments, so no one goes home hungry or thirsty!

Students receive an email after the class that has a link to all the recipes, chefís tips and lots of other information so it becomes a very handy reference material.

What are the results?

Upon completion of our classes you will have mastered basic kitchen skills in food preparation, cooking and presentation that will stay with you for a lifetime.

You will be confident and competent in practical culinary skills that you will be encouraged to share with family and friends.

You will have a basic, practical knowledge of nutrition, gained healthier eating habits and improved kitchen hygiene awareness.

You will have the skills necessary to provide good food, inexpensively, with a minimum of effort.

Importantly, we also teach you many of the short cuts that professional chefs use to produce great results quickly - a bonus for people on the go.

In our classes we assume no knowledge, but have found that the more a student knows about cooking, the more they learn from our experienced chef presenters.

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†Cooking classes for Everyone!

Letís Cook! Cooking Classes

Canít make it to the classes? ††††††††††

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Letís Cook! Cookbooks are available
as an e-doc download for instant access or email delivery!

Titles include:

Authentic Asian

Delicious Desserts

Easy European

Letís Cook! (Lessons 1ó6)

Meat, Game and Poultry

Sensational Seafood

Versatile Vegetarian