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Cooking classes for everyone!

A collection of sites from the interweb that we have found useful, hopefully you will as well:

http://www.box.net/ - a site  where you can upload large documents and share with others via a hyperlink rather than  trying to get them through your or their email system restrictions. You upload whatever it is, then send them an email with the link to the doc, so they can then download onto their computer. IT’S FREE

www.google.com.au—Google Calendars is handy way to  let others know where you are and what is coming up. Your diary or schedule can be shared with selected people or for the whole world to see, and you can automatically send people reminders of upcoming events or updates. To find Google Calendars, when you get to their homepage, you will see a hyperlink at the top called “more”. Click on the drop down arrow and select “calendar”. IT’S FREE

http://www.xe.com/ucc/ - want to know how many Roubles to the Fijian Dollar? No, neither do we but you could find our really quickly with this site. Very Simple, Very Quick, Very handy currency converter site. IT’S FREE

http://picasaweb.google.com/ - In the dim dark past that was 2006, we used to send people photos as attachments. Now we’ve wised up and have loaded all the cooking class photos, etc onto this site. WHY? Now all we do is send people a hyperlink to the albums and they click through to see for themselves. We’ve included captions so people know what they are looking at. However, its not made as clear as it could be, but you have to click Slideshow to see the captions. IT’S FREE

http://www.australiangourmetpages.com/ - fantastic site that  is especially useful when you join the mailing list, as then you get regular updates and reviews. Having been off the restaurant scene as a professional for quite some time, we now go to restaurants solely because they are recommended by AGP, and have never been disappointed. IT’S FREE


Now all this might be internet 101 for some of you, but for the rest of us, we hope that these sites come in handy.


Please email any suggestions that you might have for Useful Websites and we might include those as well.