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  What Is The Cooking Game?

What Is The Goal Of The Cooking Game?

Aim: To apply team building theory in an exercise that is competitive, produces a result, and ensures participants have fun while doing it

Method: Provide a cooking game that is simple and effective in highlighting the benefits of effective teamwork, co-operation and negotiation in the workplace

Result: Team building ‘takeouts’ that can be applied in the workplace everyday


How Does The Cooking Game Work?

The attendees are split into groups, either by design beforehand, or randomly on arrival

All participants are allocated a role to achieve both tactical and strategic objectives

The chef demonstrates the cooking of the meal that the teams are to replicate

The Cooking Game starts when participants are given an introduction and ‘running sheet’ that outlines the activity, and gives instructions

Each team ensures they have the resources necessary to complete the task.

If they don’t, they will need to find the resources and negotiate to get them.

As the teams complete their tasks, the chefs keep track of the progress scores, and the participants are kept informed via the centrally positioned ‘scoreboard’. This generates a lot of fun and competition.


What Are The Results Generated By The Cooking Game?

The Cooking Game provides a great forum for attendees to learn about team building in a practical, effective and fun way.

The positive spirit built up by achieving a shared common task is the main takeout for participants.

From our extensive experience, this is the greatest benefit for the attendees as the exercise is a reflection of the ‘demands’ and ‘prizes’ in the workplace.


Practical and Flexible

The menus can suit brunch, lunch, afternoon or evening sessions, and can be adjusted for most dietary requirements at no extra cost.

All attendees receive an email with recipes and chef’s tips for the dishes that they helped prepare on the day, so they can show off at home for friends, flatmates and family!






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